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Meet Dr. Michele Broadhurst:  Bridging the Gap between Conventional and Holistic Animal Care


Dr Michele graduated from chiropractic college and certified as a Chiropractic Sports Physician in 2004. She started practicing in South Africa and decided to expand her scope of practice to animals. After attending Options for Animals and certifying with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, she built a very successful large and small animal practice specializing in animal chiropractic, myofascial pain and dysfunction and rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa.

She was the first animal chiropractor in SA to work in the thoroughbred race and stud world and pathed the way for many to follow. She certified in canine rehabilitation through the University of Tennessee and is on the faculty of North East Seminars.

 Drs Broadhurst, together with her chiropractor and acupuncturist husband, owned their human chiropractic and multidisciplinary clinic for 15 years. The clinic was renowned for having a special focus on integrating myofascial work with chiropractic adjustments, therefore optimizing the nervous system.

In late 2017 they moved to Maine,where Dr Broadhurst decided to put pen to paper and authored 3 books while continuing to practice. In 2020 they moved to Colorado and then onto Texas where they currently reside. Dr Broadhurst owns Rehab 4 Pets in Coppell.


She has lectured both nationally and internationally on many platforms and is published in several journals. She is a well known lecturer on myofascial pain and the treatment thereof and is passionate about teaching about the integration of functional and structural medicine in practice.

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